Landlord & Tenant Advice

Landlord & Tenant Advice


If you need help in setting up a new tenancy agreement or some advice in relation to an existing agreement, Leavers Rural will be happy to help. As a firm of dedicated property professionals we will always work to ensure the correct agreement is put in place for your situation.


There are always many factors to take into consideration when dealing with tenancy agreements in areas such as tax and the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) which Leavers will be able to professionally assist you with.


Common situations where professional advice should be sought:

  • Where a legal notice has been served or needs to be served under an Agricultural Holdings Act (1896) Act tenancy. Timeframes are very important and a matter of days can make the difference between having a tenancy and losing a tenancy.
  • Rent review negotiations (both Landlord and Tenant)
  • Preparing new Farm Business Tenancies (FBT’s) and notices under the Agricultural Tenancies Act (1995)
  • Preparing new grazing licences
  • Preparing new business tenancies
  • Preparing for new contract farming agreements
  • Notices to repair under the AHA 1986
  • End of tenancy compensation advice under AHA 1986 and FBT's
  • Landlords dilapidation and deterioration claims under the AHA 1986


We can draw up agreements, advise on service of legal notices, succession matters, and even manage agreements on your behalf along with instructing and working with your legal advisors. Please do not hesitate to contact the team for an informal discussion on how we might assist you further.

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