Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation


Leavers Rural are always here to help take away the stress and worry of dealing with utility companies and their work.


Dealing with the likes of utilities can be a headache if it isn’t dealt with correctly from the start. They often do not tell you about your right to professional representation. If they need to enter your property to carry out any work whatsoever; you will be entitled to have your reasonable professional fees reimbursed by the utility company. Leavers Rural Surveyors will take on the task of making sure your interests are protected.


Situations where you should take a professional Chartered Surveyors advice are:



  • Installation or maintenance of gas mains in your property
  • Installation or maintenance of high, medium or low pressure oil pipelines in your property
  • Installation or maintenance or new water mains or sewer mains and drains in your property by any water company (Often referred to as the ‘Statutory Water Undertaker’).
  • Any form of utility whether it be fibre optic cables, electricity undergrounding in your property
  • Government Agency schemes
  • Highways England (Was Highways Agency) and road works schemes (Often compulsory purchase)
  • County Council/Local Government works
  • Telephone Masts & Agreements (Including rent reviews)
  • Railway schemes
  • Easements and Wayleaves and their negotiation
  • Pylon earthwire fibre optic cable installation


All of these situations could reduce the value of your land if they are not deal with correctly from the start. We advise you speak to us as professional land compensation specialists as soon as possible if you are affected. For a friendly and informal discussion on how we can help you please contact us.

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