Residential Development Land Promotion

Residential Development Land Promotion



Housing Land Supply


All Council’s/Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s) in England and Wales must maintain a five year ‘Housing Land Supply’.


Where LPA’s cannot show they have a 5 year Housing Land Supply, your land may be able to come forward for residential development sooner rather than later. We can advise you of the housing land supply position of your LPA, and whether there is merit in progressing with a planning application as soon as possible.


Promotion & Allocation of your Site


The Government wishes for the planning system to be ‘plan led’ which often means that they prefer LPA’s to create an up to date ‘Local Plan’. Local Plan’s however are reviewed every five years, and so opportunities may arise to promote your land in a reviewed plan.


Where a Council/Local Planning Authority can prove they have a five year Housing Land Supply (HLS) often the only way of pushing your land for residential development is through a plan review. This is also the case if your land is located within ‘Greenbelt’, where Greenbelt designations can only be reviewed through the Local Plan review process.

Leavers act for many clients in either assisting them in taking their development site through the planning process where a five year Housing Land Supply cannot be demonstrated, or through the promotion of the land through the Local Plan with the aim of ‘Allocation’ for planning, prior to progressing with a formal planning application.


If you would like to review the potential of your land for residential development, please do contact us to discuss matters further.


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