Promotion & Option Agreements

Promotion Agreements & Option Agreements


Land Promotion and Option agreements are an incredibly specialist area of professional practice. At first to the untrained eye, such agreements and initial terms can appear straightforward, but all too often the final legal agreements are riddled with complex and seriously disadvantageous legal clauses to the landowner.


With the appropriate professional input from us as specialist development consultants at the onset to advise on the intitial and detailed headline terms, and with the correct legal advice, most of the risks can be reduced to an accpetable level. This all involves professional negotiation skills and a detailed understanding of the practical implications of such an agreement on private land.


As a firm of land and planning professionals, we can assist in the following areas with regards to land promotion:


- Promotion Agreement negotiation.

- Option Agreement negotiation.

- Planning appraisals of land prior to progressing with promotion.

- Sourcing of land promoters and developers to promote your land through the planning system.

- Disposal of your development land following either allocation or following an outline or detailed planning consent for development.


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