Change of Use

Change of Use Applications


Farmers often look for ways to develop and grow their businesses, and many are generating profitable alternative uses for their land and buildings which would no longer be classed as agriculture.


If you are planning to make a material change to the use of land or buildings away from agriculture, then you are very likely to require planning permission.


Sometimes it will be obvious that there is a material change from one use category to another but there are times it can be less clear. One of the main areas that farmers and land owners do not realise that there has been a change of use is through equine use. This is a very specialist area and if you are not sure if you have committed to a change of use, it is important you take professional advice.


There are a number of issues which should be considered before applying to your local authority for a change of use, and we would be more than happy to go through these with you and discuss your requirements. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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